I often find myself caught up in a hustle-routine, endlessly turning my wheels and driving my engine, expending more and more energy. In doing so I sometimes achieve a state of flow and feel on top of the world from a ‘I can do this’ high. Other times, depending on the circumstances, I crash and burn out, sometimes literally running my engine dry and getting sick.

So the question is this: have we accepted this as a the norm as millennials?

Maybe better questions, leading to more insight for each of us individually, may be:

  • how do you find your balance when you are spinning in circles, trying to do it all?
  • What does your relaxation routine consist of?
  • Can you prioritise your relaxation-routine over other things going on in your life?

What I know works for me is adding me-time in, in small bits, throughout the day, throughout the week. Simply taking a time-out to energise on something non-work related.

Pictured is a quick snap while I enjoyed a cup of tea, ate a delicious peach oatmeal muffin, and flipped through a magazine. Key: shut off work e-mails and don’t look at your phone.

Take a break. You deserve it. Seriously.



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