My Venture into Veganism.

I received the book Oh She Glows Every Day by Angela Liddon from my Secret Santa this past Christmas and unbeknownst to Santa I had been thinking of going vegan for some time as a means to address the following health concerns: migraines, insomnia, digestion issues.

Now – five months later – I can report that my vegan diet has affected me in the following ways:

  • I have more energy throughout the day but noticeably more in the evenings compared to before; I used to burnout every evening around 7 pm but I don’t get tired as early now. A vegan diet has been like an energy conservation solution for my digestive system and body as a whole. I am generally more upbeat and energized, maintaining the same level of activity as before.
  • I used to get migraines, typically after eating a heavy lunch (usually including dairy or meat). I no longer get these afternoon migraines. Though my migraines have not fully gone away, as I believe they are triggered primarily by my hormones, they have decreased in intensity and frequency.
  • I sleep better; deeper sleep and less insomnia (I believe my digestive system is not needing to work as hard and I’m not waking up with stomachaches like I used to before).
  • Confession: I have had some chocolate (5 months without chocolate is difficult!) and almost immediately had a stomachache from the dairy intake. Also if I eat something that my system doesn’t agree with, I get headaches.
  • I figured out that my skin breaks out if I have too much soy.
  • I discovered the Stranger Wings pizza at Virtuous Pie to be an amazingly delicious dinner-out option!
  • I have eaten a lot of bread and avocado when I can’t find anything else to eat and need a quick meal. I could probably cut back on this.
  • I have found that I have to cook a lot more for myself at home and it’s difficult to eat when others order/plan for the meals. Control has been key and luckily living on my own has allowed me to be in full chef mode.
  • I have not lost any significant amount of weight.
  • I still have cravings for sugar and salt – but surprisingly no major cravings for meat or dairy.

For me, there is no final verdict per say, but I would recommend trying it if you are curious about what benefits going vegan can have for your health. I have booked an appointment to see my GP next week to request some blood work to make sure my iron and Vitamin B12 levels are in check.

Leave a comment about your experience if you are vegan or a non-vegan considering venturing into veganism!




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